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Emily Baker


I've always been interested in ghosts. It was after my father’s passing that I went into a Spiritualist Church, so, after asking a couple of questions and the next thing, found myself sitting in an open circle seeing things that no one else seemed to. After finding the courage to stand up and say what I felt and saw (clairvoyance) people could take and understand the message coming through.

Finding myself working on platforms at spiritualist churches and working as a medium I wanted to give people something tangible to take away with them. This lead onto Psychic Art or Mediumship with Art, over the years, find that it gives the receiver comfort and at times something where they need to find out their own evidence and validation of there being an afterlife.  Psychic Art is where I will give a message to you whilst drawing a portrait of a loved one.

When linking with spirit and loved ones I tend to hear (clairaudience), see (Clairvoyance) sometimes smell (Clariressence), and have a strong sense of knowing (Clairsentience). I also sometimes get to feel their aliments or conditions. Each individual message will defer as the spirit is an individual and therefore they will work with me in their own style.

I have also created a set of cards called Perceptionary Cards, which can be read in may ways.  This is my latest expansion of my mediumship which I do use them and you can get through Mystique or through myself. I also have original art for sale as well.

If I can give any bit of advice, that is listen and follow your gut. We all have the answers we just don't want to hear the answers for they may not be the ones we want.

I offer readings either mediumship, psychic art, or cards by face to face either in person or via Skype/Zoom. I also do events at Mystique and Psychic Art, sometimes called Mediumship with Art events as well as workshops and talks.

You can contact me through Mystique. 


Tel: 07771 621755


Can find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instergram

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