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Caroline Frost

Hopi Ear Candles, Body Balance/Cranial Sacral Therapy, Cupping, Acupuncture, Indian Head Massage

I am trained in the following therapies and after an initial consultation, will tailor a treatment plan to meet your needs. I am happy to mix several mini treatments into one session to provide maximum benefits.  I charge £20 for 30 mins, £30 for 60 mins and £40 for 90 mins.

Hopi ear candles

This non-invasive treatment helps create a gentle chimney effect from the ear, along the sinus to the nose.  This is achieved when an ear candle* is rested at the entrance to the ear.  The action of the flame rising and falling gently massages the area and the sound (which is thought to be reminiscent of a distant barbeque), combines to make this a uniquely relaxing experience.  Each candle lasts approximately 10 minutes and may help relieve symptoms associated with conditions such as Tinnitus and wax impaction (please note that it is not classed as a medical alternative to ear syringing).

Ear candling is not recommended if you have a suspected perforated ear drum or have tympanostomy tube implants. If in doubt always seek medical advice prior to treatment.

An Ear candle* is a wax infused, cotton sheet rolled to form a hollow tube.  Approximately 22cm in length and depending on the brand may be infused with essential oils (if you have any known reactions to any essential oils please state at the time of booking)

Oriental Body Balance /Cranial sacral therapy / Qi Gong / Repatterning affectionately called Wiggle therapy

I trained at the college of Oriental Body Balance (now called K.O.R.E.). It was a wide-ranging course which included energy (Qi Gong) based body work including Cranial Sacral therapy and a technique called repatterning.  I mixed all the techniques together and developed them into my own therapy called Caroline’s Body Balance.  It can be delivered fully clothed in a seated or prone position to suit you.  This gentle touch therapy facilitates an energetic unwinding of an individuals’ unique layers of physical and emotional imbalance which have built up over time, through life events and shocks. During this therapy the head / arm / elbow / leg / knee or spine is gently cradled and the energy created by my body to spark that of the clients, begins to unwind (energetically) any areas of tension and stagnation, which can prevent a healthy flow of energy and blood flow around the body. This is because energy cannot flow through a vacuum if a tissue is too loose / energetically empty or if an area is tight and blocked. During a treatment, energy is sent around the body to unwind tight tissues and areas that are too loose will be wound up and tightened.  This helps to bring resilience into the body, which enables the client to withstand life’s slip / trips / falls as well as emotional issues.  There are minimal side effects with this treatment, as the body is only being mobilised within a normal range of movement (as opposed to being manipulated). Although you can expect the possibility of a bit of aching as part of the ‘healing crisis’, which is normal after a holistic treatment which tightened/loosened parts of the body. You would also need to drink plenty as the treatment may have released toxins which need flushing out. 


Cupping therapy places gently, heated glass cups on the skin to create a vacuum. In this way the cups act like a reverse massage, lifting the top few centimetres of tissue into the cup. This relaxes muscles and increases blood flow, lymph drainage and aids removal of toxins, which can build up in stagnant areas where muscles are tight. The treatment can be conducted in two ways: a rapid; tonifying way which is unlikely to leave any bruise like marks (unless there was an excess of old blood that has leeched out into the tissue). When conducted in this way, the ‘popping’ action of the cups being released quickly, can send a vibration deep into the tissue. This can help break down areas of stagnation, both physical and energetic. The other method involves leaving the cups in place to increase blood flow to a specific area and the length of time denotes how much of a mark that can be left on the skin. Clients may experience a red/purple mark which tends to be old blood lifted to the surface, only if cups are left for extended periods can capillary blood be leeched to the surface. But even then, the resulting ‘bruise’ shouldn’t be too painful as its not resulting from trauma.



I can provide clinical acupuncture/acupressure which supports the structures and organs of the body.  It can help to relax muscles and tissues that are too tight and not working properly and tighten up ones that are too loose.  In a nutshell it works by creating an immune response at the site of entry of the needle.  This sends a message to the brain to send healing via increased flow of blood, lymph (white blood cells) and energy.  This bathes the tissue in healing nutrients and oxygen and helping to remove stagnant blood and toxins, which can build up in tight tissues.  I have studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) 5 element theory and take the theory of organ interaction into consideration when tailoring your treatment plan.  I am a registered Acupuncture society member, and adhere to their guidelines.  All needles are sterile, single use ad disposed of safely.

Although I can’t guarantee to never make you bleed (no one can!) I can assure you I will do my best to only very occasionally hit a fine capillary which will only be a small drop (if anything) reaching the surface.  I am happy to talk to or meet with anyone wanting to know more about the acupuncture system or needles I use.  

If you would rather not use needles, I can use apply firm pressure to the meridian points instead.  Also, in many cases I guide you to the points, so that you can apply pressure to them yourself.


The use of concentrated plant oils and resins, can help with various issues such as; aiding relaxation, digestive or skin issues and even hormone rebalancing.  During an aromatherapy treatment oils are selected and blended (diluted) with a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil and then massaged onto the skin.  It works due to the molecules of the oils being so small that they can pass through the skin, enter the blood stream and target organs as needed.  Although most people can use essential oils without any issues, a few people may experience side effects.  The main issue can be a rash, burning or itching, but as long as the oils are washed off as soon as any discomfort is felt, it should pass quickly. 

Very occasionally more serious allergic reactions can happen; headaches, asthma attacks or nausea can all be a reaction if felt within 24 hours of an aromatherapy treatment (this can also apply to aromatherapy diffusers in your home) any interaction with essential oils should be disclosed when seeking medical advice.


This treatment works on the principal that each organ and structure of the body has an associated reflex area on your feet, hands, face and ears. This is supported by the Chinese meridian theory, where the body is criss-crossed with a network of energy highways, which relates to each structure and organ and can be accessed via the reflexes.  By applying a comfortably, firm pressure I can use my thumb to ‘walk’ the reflexes which sends energy to everything along that ‘highway’.  Reflexology is deeply relaxing and a great way to boost your organs and structures without needing to lie down or get undressed.


Oil based (Swedish) massage helps to relax body and mind, as well as smoothing any muscle knots.    Massage can also help move Toxins and old blood which can build up in the muscles over time, these can then be disposed of by the liver. As well as providing fresh blood, which invigorates the body tissues making you feel better all round.


Indian Head Massage

Contrary to popular belief this treatment includes a massage of the upper back, face, neck, as well as the head.  This adaptable massage can be delivered without use of oil, whilst fully clothed and seated, or can be adapted into an oil massage to suit (please state at time of booking if you would like the oil option).  Please note that this is a relaxing but powerful mode of therapy! Most of us brush our hair on a regular basis we don’t tend to massage the areas covered in this treatment and as a result, toxins are able to build up.  With this in mind you may have heard people complain that Indian head massage gave them a headache.  This is due to the treatment moving around a lifetimes worth of toxin build up!  As long as you rest and rink plenty of water after the treatment, you should avoid an adverse reaction.


Drink plenty of water after any holistic therapy!

To assist the removal of toxins you should be advised to drink more water than you would do normally.  As your body will utilise all the available water in your body to flush out potentially harmful toxins, its last option is to take it from your brain, which results in a headache much like a hangover!


Find me on Facebook – Caroline’s Body Balance


Find me via the Acupuncture society’s website ( find a therapist page; via Shropshire and Frost.


Sue Rigby

Sue is a Registered Practitioner and Instructor of Quantum-Touch.

Her status as a registered practitioner and instructor can be checked at  



Quantum-Touch TM


Quantum-Touch is a gentle and profound energy healing technique which I use to bring

relief to a wide range of conditions.  I see many clients with pain and postural problems,

stress and depression, Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia and Parkinson's Disease.

It is helpful to sportsmen and women for speeding recovery from injury and helping to

build stamina and fitness. Whether the problem is physical, mental or emotional,

Quantum-Touch works to bring relief. 


Quantum-Touch naturally accelerates the body's own ability to heal itself. It addresses

the root cause of disease and creates the space for true healing to occur. Rather than

just working on your symptoms, Quantum-Touch will address the underlying cause.

The body knows how to bring itself back to wholeness, given the proper conditions. 


Quantum-Touch is a method of hands-on or hands-off healing that actually must be experienced to be believed. With only a light touch, all healing is accelerated. All cells and symptoms effortlessly respond to Quantum-Touch.


If you are unable to attend Mystique in person please contact me so that we can discuss ways to help.



Up to one hour - £40.00

20 minute taster - £15.00


Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshops. 

In Person or Online, Virtual Workshops


In these 2 day workshops you will learn gentle healing techniques that you can use for yourself, loved ones and animals. You learn how to do distance healing and bring your body into balance. By the end of the first morning you will be seeing results as you practice with your fellow students.


You learn about the Chakras and how different techniques such as Intention, Attention and Breathing can be used to boost the power of healing.


Full details of forthcoming workshops can be found on


As long as we are in lockdown, I will be offering the workshops as Virtual Level 1 workshops using Zoom. You will need access to a computer with a webcam and ideally a practice partner. Certification as a practitioner you have lots of practice with a partner. As a special offer during lockdown only, you may have a practice partner with you free of charge, if this is practical and safe for you. They will not receive a certificate but have the bonus of learning all the techniques. All those who receive a certificate for the workshop can use these hours towards certification as a practitioner.



£320.00, reduced to £265.00 if booked over 21 days in advance.

£160.00 if this is your second Level 1 Workshop.


Quantum-Touch Level 2 Workshops.

In Person or Online, Virtual Workshops.


This 2 day workshop offers you the chance to enhance all you have learned on the Level 1 Workshop, taking your skills to new levels. You will learn how to work with the heart chakra and how to reduce pain even more quickly. Brain work brings you a new way of working as does working with non-obvious muscles and tendons.


You must have successfully completed a Quantum-Touch Level 1 workshop before attending this workshop.


This workshop is available as a virtual workshop until all lockdown restrictions end and we can safely mix once more.



£399.00, reduced to £349.00 if booked over 21 days in advance.

£199.50 if this is your second Level 2 Workshop.

New Workshop;

Quantum -Touch Energy Boost Mini Class

In Person or Online, Virtual Workshops


This is a 2 hour workshop where you will open your awareness to the experience of energy, use Intention, Attention and Breathing Techniques and learn how to use the energy awareness and energy cultivation exercises to boost your immune system and help your body heal. 


It is especially helpful in current times and will be available as on online Virtual Workshop using Zoom until I am able to offer this in person.


Pricing - £45.00

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