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Fauna Raine

Tarot and Palmistry

Hi there, I’m Fauna, a Holistic Therapist here at Mystique. My passion lies with Tarot reading, Palmistry & Crystal Healing. I have worked with spirit for as long as I can remember. I am highly intuitive and work with Clairvoyance which helps to give more clarity in my readings. My path in life is to help heal the world, through my passions, one person at a time. Whether this be mental, physical or spiritual healing, I can help you to see the way forward while lightening the load, leaving you feeling positive, refreshed and confident as you take your next steps.

Tarot can act as a gentle form of therapy and can help you to see more context or insight surrounding a situation that you may not have noticed, or help to point out what is blocking your forward movement in order to reach your desired goal.

Palmistry can give indications of events from the past that you may be subconsciously holding on to, effecting your present day relationships and reveal aspects of your personality which describe what makes you, you.

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